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Even if you already have a site, we will help it evolve.

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With Web-o-Matic there’s no limit to your site’s evolution, whether you stay with our maintenance or do it yourself. The work product is yours… we make you free!

Web-o-Matic’s Core Products & Services

We’re Web-o-Matic, what can we do for you?

Site Maintenance

Starting a site isn’t enough. To become a quality site found by search engines and loved by peers & customers, keep it updated.

Site Evolution

Start with your basic site, blog or Social Media presence and have us create a new website just for you or your group!

Affordable Websites

Get your site moving without breaking the bank. Whether it’s personal, business or club, we have a solution for you.

The Web, Your Way

Get the site you want. We port your site to commercial software apps so you always have the choice to make it your own.

Proprietary Automation

We’re Web-o-Matic for a reason; through programming and years of experience, many of our processes are automated to save you $$$.

Web-o-Matic: real web services for real people

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Starting a new site? We can help with everything.

There’s a lot to coordinate, and a great deal of choices out there. It can be overwhelming. We can get you set up with managed hosting, email addresses, site services, “under construction” pages, logos and much more.

Updating your website or Internet presence?

You’d like to start over, that’s cool. We understand you might like something new. We believe in web evolution, but we also know you’d like to take a sharp turn every now and then. We can get you started on a whole new look, for less than you might think.

Looking to maintain what you already have?

We have more than a dozen years’ experience maintaining and gradually upgrading a web presence. Buy maintenance credits on a sliding scale and make the most of your updates -- whatever you desire will be accomplished within your level of credits -- from Advanced, Basic and Simple. Your credits are spent by the minute, so you’re never overcharged for updates.

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We’re Web-o-Matic

We get your site up and running quickly and affordably.

Start with a template-based solution configured to your tastes.

We help you create or upgrade a web presence.

We make the site accessible to you by porting it to software you can use on your own!

We automate many of our processes to save you money.

We update your site based on subscription level: you choose how frequently your site is updated.

We offer several levels of support credits for sale.

We’re here for you, so please ask us if you need help.


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